Vice Chancellor Jobs in University Of Loralai, Balochistan 2018

Vice Chancellor Jobs in University Of Loralai, Balochistan 2018.

Vice Chancellor Jobs in University Of Loralai

Criteria For Evaluation of Applications for the post of VC (Vice Chancellor) Loralai
Academic –
Part 1
Should preferably have earned doctorate degree in an academic discipline
and an outstanding academician of international stature
I Academic Rank
ii International Recognition
iii Rank of University from which PhD Degree obtained
iv Rank of University in which currently serving
V Books Published/Authored
vi Students Supervised
vii Research Publications in Journals of International Repute during last 10 years
Academic –
Part 2
Should have attained a distinguished leadership preferably in education and
academic administration and financial management with proven track record
of extensive experience and skills in initiating and managing change, strategic
planning and overseeing the implementation of plans through to outcomes
I Previously served as Head of Educational Institution/Faculty/Department/etc.
ii Established new departments/institutions/programs
iii Successfully introduced academic and managerial reforms
iv Developed and monitored development process in an institution
V Managed Crisis
Non-Academic Leadership administration, organizational management,
entrepreneurship, etc.
Served as Head of Private Sector Organization (Indicate name of organization
and position) or held the most senior position
ii Established new organization/products/campaigns/ enterprises/marketing
iii Initiatives and Reforms
iv Developed and monitored development process in an institution
V Role played in establishing a new institution
SN Criteria Cont.
In-depth knowledge of the major issues affecting learning and teaching in higher
education, funding and technological developments
Papers presented in international/national conferences on higher education in last 5
Years or written any document on administration in case of administrator
ii Local and International Research grants won in case of academic
iii Introduced latest technology in Institutions
An understanding of the diverse needs of and issues pertaining to different
disciplines in higher education and the ability to form and balance priorities
relevant to national socio-economic needs and growth
Served on Curriculum Review Committees/Academic Councils/Board of
Studies/Governing Bodies, etc. in case of academic
ii Prepared or contributed to National or Sector Strategy Paper/Report
iii Prepared a Corporate Strategic Plan for attainment of organizational vision as per
national priorities
Ability to represent the university effectively, nationally and internationally,
especially with government, business and the wider community
National and International Linkages developed including joint venture, programs
and collaborations
ii Member delegation/international negotiations
Leadership & Fund Raising
i Leadership
ii Fund Raising
iii Community Service (Other than Charity)