Muhammad Iqbal (QA/QC Shift Engineer) CV from Karachi

Muhammad Iqbal (QA/QC Shift Engineer) CV from Karachi.

From: Muhammad Iqbal <>
Subject: QA/QC Inspector Shift incharge/ Supervisor

Message Body:
QA/QC Shift Engineer
Contact #00966-59 91 19 863/ 0092-345 30 03 456
Industrial city 1 main Khobar highway Dammam KSA. / New Muzaffar
Abad Colony landhi Karachi#22.


I am a Mechanical graduate from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan and having obtained the B. Tech (Honors) degree in Mechanical Technology with a field experience of more than 13 years, Started with the role of QC Inspector, now I am working as QA/QC shift Engineer and very well versed with the management, documentation, operation, maintenance, quality assurance and control Inspection, Testing, Quality Assurance (Q.A) analysis reports, Keep process Inspection graphs ( KPI ), ISO documentations, an internal auditor and external auditee and Implementation of Quality Management System ( QMS ) as per ISO 9001:2008. Corrective and Preventive action and the customer complains justifications aspect of pipe/tube mill, stud and track mill, slitter, cut to length mill, pre painted corrugated sheet mill.

I have always been focused on quality by applying myself in increasing the output and maintaining the good name of the organization to bring in the quicker yet further business/revenue milestones.

Currently, I am working in “Baghlaf Al-Zafir group” involved as the position of QA/QC Engineer and reporting to the G M. I have good command Ove English/Urdu and can understand Arabic.

I am experienced in material traceability, non-destructive testing, welding processes, inspection techniques, auditee/auditor, preservation of material with Welded Pipes/ Tubes, Flat Sheets & Corrugated Sheets, Strips in Coils, Open Sections, Guard Rails, and Accessories, Dry Wall Components ( stud and Tracks ,U Channels / CR Channels and Angles )and Occasional Special Jobs (Cutting, Bending, Fabrication ) and manufacturing Projects as per Customer’s requirements. I also have very good knowledge of slitters working procedure, slitting sets plan, and as well as good knowledge of preparing quality/production documents like quality control procedures, inspection test plans & quality/production manuals. Can issue, handle, record, and follow up until close out of NCRs, issue and review mill test and conformity certificates and other quality/production documents and responsible for internal audit of production and external auditee of QA/QC department.


• B-Tech (Honors) in Mechanical technology with 3.06 GPA. From: Mehran University of Engineering and technology in December 2011.
• B-Tech in Mechanical technology with 2.91 GPA. From: Mehran University of Engineering and technology in February 2008.
• D.A.E in Mechanical technology with 1st Division. From: PSIT, in September 2003


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Oracle Software Database, Microsoft Word and Excel.


Apprenticeship Training of Two (2) Years in the trade of Quality Control Inspector, Completed on 17/03/2006 from International Industries Ltd. (IIL).


• General Safety training
• Mechanical testing operation safety
• First aid training


Position : QA/QC shift Engineer
Organization : Baghlaf al Zafer factories co, ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Duration : From January 2016 to till date


It was 1978, when (late) Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Baghlaf established this factory, for cold processing of steel and metal, at Dammam, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, as a pioneer venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The production was started in 1980 with a few thousand tons a year, but the production was rapidly increased to 120,000 tons in 1984. To fulfill the demand in the western region another factory at Jeddah found necessary.


Position : QA/QC Inspector/Supervisor
Organization : International Industries Ltd. (IIL) (Pakistan)
Duration : From June 2004 to December 2015.


International Industries Limited (IIL) was incorporated in 1948.IIL is in the business of producing and marketing of GI, Steel, API pipes, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and Steel Tubing to export throughout the world.


• Manage all work methods and maintain knowledge on all quality assurance standards and monitor continuous application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective actions for all processes.

• Ensuring that manufacturing processes comply with standards at both national and international level.
• Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes.
• Monitor an efficient system and record for all activities and analyze all processes to ensure all work according to quality requirements.
• Taking care of QA/QC documents of the entire project including certificates, Material receiving, MTC, calibration, test results, inspection requests, KPI graphs-(Keep performance indicator), non-compliance reports and site instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered and other QA/QC documents.
• Responsible for internal audit for production and finished goods store and auditee of QA/QC department as per “ISO 9001-2008”
• Provides audit responses and initiates any changes in procedures resulting from audits Coordinates the analysis of proficiency testing samples required for certification/accreditation programs.
• Perform all daily inspection and test of the scope and character necessary to achieve the best quality product.
• Report to the Head of Quality, control and monitor all activities related to Quality Management System, QMS.
• Supervise and monitor material receiving inspection of raw material and finished products, checking thickness & width as per standard specification, physical appearance, reviewing material test certificates and tallying its heat numbers and preparing reports.
• Manage, monitor, control and supervise the QA/QC activities according to quality plans to minimize nonstandard generation and ensure the quality product.
• Control Quality of Pipes at various stages like slitter, tube/pipe mill, galvanizing plant, storage and packing departments.
• Remove defects of Pipes by suggesting different techniques. Prepared reports.
• Analyze previous day production samples and identify the types of defects and take necessary steps to reduce the non-conforming generation of product and enhance quality.
• Supervise and monitor the plant operations, processes to ensure quality inspector and plant operators are following the correct procedure and provide necessary instruction and guidelines according to the standard.
• To prepare weekly shift schedule and allocate adequate manpower to ensure the quality of the system.
• Monitor usage and stocks of safety equipment and other consumables.
• Assist Senior Quality Manager in terms of QA/QC administration.
• Face internal and external audits and prepare documentation for audits.
• Ensure that all measuring and test instruments are properly calibrated, tagged and in proper working condition.
• Preparing requisition for required instruments and follow up delivery in time.
• Operation knowledge of different modules of ORACLE (Logistic Planning, Store and Manufacture.
• Manage work force and arrange for quality inspectors at different plants in shifts. Supervise activities of Quality Inspectors & help them in carrying out their duties.
• Assist Machine Operators /production personals in removing defects & minimizing defective materials by suggesting means.

• Calibration of NDT instruments/Eddy Current device.
• Taking necessary steps and decision making during Shifts to keep the plant operational.
• Checking & analyzing of prepared reports of QC Inspector and summarize them for onward submission to higher authorities.
• Coordinate with planning department with respect to export order.
• Inspecting export container before dispatching shipment.
• Check quality documents and records of inspections at various stages of pipe manufacturing, issuing conformity & mill test certificate of batches released during the shift.


Date of birth : 13th January 1986
Passport no : FA 1332582
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Pakistani
Religion : Islam


To be furnished.