Legal Advisors required in District Government Bahawalpur 2.9.2016

Legal Advisors required in District Government Bahawalpur 2.9.2016.

District Government Bahawalpur Jobs

Legal Advisor required in District Government Bahawalpur. The District Government Bahawalpur intends to engage part time Legal Advisor to tender legal advice and to represent District Government administration before various court. Applicant should be law graduate from an institution duly recognized by Higher education commission. Applicant must have a minimum 5 years experience as an Adocate of high court. The Advocate Having higher educational qualification such as LLM Bar law etc shall get an added credit. Detail of reported cases filed by the applicant must be attached with applications. Detail of Medium high profile cases and pursued by the applicant where in a favorable verdict was obtained. Applicant who has already served or been serving as Legal Advisor to District Government shall attach complete list of cases pursed during his tenure on posting on behalf of District Government.