Joji T Trinidad CV from Filipino for Nurse Post

Joji T Trinidad CV from Filipino for Nurse Post

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Subject: Applicant Nurse

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An experienced OR nurse with a strong background in all areas of patient care. More than 14 years experience in Operation Room, Emergency Room, Laparoscopy, Unit Supervisor, and Endoscopy. Developed and implemented various hospital patient care and family training programs. To achieve professional excellence as a nurse (cardiac) and achieve related qualifications and experience. Ability to work effectively with others in a multidisciplinary setting.

• More than 14 years experience as operating room scrub nurse.
• Very responsible and careful while using the high tech and advance equipments.
• Profound ability to educate and demonstrate the health care and nursing programs.
• Exceptionally sound knowledge of the medical treatment and nursing care.
• Great ability to manage, organize and resolve the problems.
• Excellent communicational skills both written and oral.
• In-depth knowledge of word and excel.

Work Experience:

Present Job: Private Nurse
Company: CareLink
Duration: July 2015 up to Present

Position: OR Head Nurse
Company: Yemeni Consultant Hospital
Duration: January 2011 to April 24, 2015

Position: OR Staff Nurse / Endoscopy – Laparoscopy
Company: Saudi German Hospital
Duration: July 11, 2009 to October 16, 2010

Responsibilities in Cardiac:
• Developed, implement and evaluated the plan of care.
• Helped patient care team in the assessment.
• Supplied opening sterile and set-up for different cardiac procedures.
• Provided related information to cardiac patients.
• Received and discharged of patients
• Carried out a head-to-toe opinion and suitable interference on all patients.
• Communicated with other team members as per the requirement.

Responsibilities in Operating Room:
• Report to duty promptly and punctually in the desired OT attire and attend to the specific case to bed.
• Check the cleanliness and orderliness of the OT and sees to it that all fixtures and equipment are properly in good working condition.
• Mainly responsible for the care of the patient who is undergo certain operative procedures.
• Received endorsement and be the one to fetch the patients in his room.
• Prepare the patient to the surgery –mentally physically and psychologically until the anesthesia has been inducted.
• Responsible for the physical preparation of the patient such as surgical shaving of the patient on the operative site.
• Open packs of the sterile instrument and different surgical materials to be used in a particular operation with strict observance of the principles of aseptic technique.
• Perform skill in surgical scrubbing, gowning and gloving technique and assist the other member of the health team.
• Coordinate with surgeons, anesthesiologist, scrub nurse during the operation and provide maximum and adequate assistance all throughout the case.
• Hands in instrument and surgical supplies and anticipates the surgeon and needs. Assists efficiently as operation progress.
• Provided the nurse services to the medical, surgical, orthopedic and critical cases.
• Assisted the physician in treatments and surgical operations.
• Advised and counsels the patient and families regarding medical problems, health care and precautions.
• Provided the orientation and training to new staff members, medical and nursing students.
• Participated in many health committees and quality assurance reviews.
• Responsible for instruct the patient in carrying out the physician’s treatment.
• Coordinated and monitor patients through the hospital’s procedure using the physician and primary care nurse.
• Maintained and supervised the fiscal responsibilities and quality care.
• Deal with the problems and queries of the patient and their families.
• Assign work to subordinate nurse and monitored them.
• Responsible for checkups, diagnosis and medical treatment of the patient.
• Provided the nursing care to assigned patient in accordance to the physician instruction.
• Administered the medication and prescribed treatment to patient.
Position: Unit Supervisor (2 years)
Company: Azal Specialized Hospital
Duration: February 2007 until June 2009

• Responsible for observing skilled facility, geriatric and long term multi level facility.
• Responsible for various other duties as assigned.
• Performs managerial function common to inpatient and critical Nursing units and emergency room as established by the management.
• Plans, Coordinate, Supervise and evaluate nursing care activities in accordance with patient needs and skill level of personnel.
• Serves as positive role model, renders direct nursing care when necessary.
• Works with the unit staff in determining the need for development and evaluation of patient/family health teaching programs and discharge planning.
• Instruct and works with staff in utilization of nursing care delivery systems, quality assurance activities, nursing documentation, and specific unit resources and skills.
• Assist the nursing director in developing yearly goal and implements appropriate objectives for attaining goals.

• Evaluates job performance of all personnel under supervision and submits written evaluation at specific intervals and determines employee’s categories and relevance to forced ranking.
• Recommend transfer, promotion or demotion of employees in accordance to budget of manpower and expenditures.
• Attends or leads meeting (in the absence or assistant or DON) for communications and interpretations of new policies and programs and for problem solving at nursing Units level.
• Coordinates and makes special endorsement to concerned head nurses and staff nurse in the management of patient care for; patients who are shock, dying patient, patients who physical condition is deteriorating rapidly and violent patients.
• Manage sick staff with appropriate duty relief ensuring adequate staffing in each station to meet nursing care needs per patient. Nurse ratio
• Coordinates nursing and support services involve in the care and maintenance of the working area.
Position: Laparoscopic O.T. Staff Nurse
Company: Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital
Duration: September 2005 until December 2006

• The laparoscopic procedure is described in detail. The facilities, nursing responsibilities, surgeon’s qualifications, and criteria for patient selection are included.
• Diagnostic laparoscopy is routinely performed in outpatient departments. Ob/Gyne Department Clinic, this procedure is performed with the client’s active cooperation by using local anesthesia.
• Proper scheduling and posting of staff, Monthly Evaluation, Strictly compliance of hospital standards, Counseling, Conduct in service training, CPR,IV Cannulation, Catheterization
& NGT Feeding.

Position: OR Head Nurse (4 years)
Company: Al-Salam Hospital
Duration: May 20, 2001 until April 30, 2005

• Carry out effectively and efficiently in all intra operative and post operative orders made by the doctors.
• Makes an accurate and complete of all pertinent data’s in the patient chart also make a record of all cases on the operating room, endorse the nurse in charge of keeping all records of operation.
• Responsible for all the accountable materials used during the operation such as sponges, needles, packs and all others instrument they need. And made the proper declaration of the completeness and accuracy of the count to the members of surgical team.
• Make sure that the specimen obtained from the patient during the operation is properly labeled and forward to the laboratory for analysis.
• Take care of nay
• Accompany the patients safely to the recovery room for immediate post operative care.
• Observe closely and monitor vital functions of the anesthesiologist or nay doctor responsible for the care of the patient whenever post operative problems or complications arises.
• Make sure of accurate recording of data is observed and followed.
• Transfer the patient safely to his room after evaluated by the anesthesiologist.
• Proper after care of instrument and equipment used during the operation as well as packing and preparing OR supplies for fertilization.
• Make sure that the operating room before you left is clean and tidy. Well disinfected and ready to use anytime.
• Attend and participates actively in–service training program, group discussion and related academic studies for professional and personal growth.

Position: ER Staff Nurse (1 year)
Company: Al-Salam Hospital
Duration: May 2001 until 2002


• Sets up equipment and drugs to be ready in emergency room and assists treating doctor with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
• Preparation of emergency room equipment and drug to be ready for any emergency.
• Assist treating doctor in every procedure.
• Monitor patient for progress of emergency treatment and records observations.
• Anticipates needs that may arise during procedure, need for cross matching blood, ABG, central lines insertion, etc.
• Observe patient for possible complications.
• Endorse to nurse in charge where patient is to be admitted as to the procedure done to patient, medical condition and continuing care to be done.
• Maintain a safe, clean and organized environment for the patient /family/ visitors and staff.
• Demonstrates priority setting skills and timeless in responding to patient needs.
• IV therapy insertion maintenance / discontinuing per doctors order and hospital policy.
• Carries out doctor’s order with accuracy and in timely manner; clarifying orders from the physician, if it’s unclear; verifying by read back and letting the physician to sign within 24 hours, if it’s a verbal order.
• Constantly and continuously monitors patient for level of consciousness, vital signs, oxygen saturation, during procedure documenting the same in appropriate nursing form where applicable.
• Maintaining and follow hospital standard and procedures & Follow the rules and regulation of the hospital, render courtesy and respect.
• Competent in assisting and performing these procedures in ER: Airway Adjusts, Resuscitation, IV insertion, Urinary catherization, CTG & ECG and its interpretation.
• Established and maintains effective working relationships with other members of the health care team.
Professional Development:

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bulacan College of Arts and Trade
1990 until 1993 (Undergraduate)

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Our Lady of Fatima College
Valenzuela Metro Manila Philippines
1995 until 1998 (Graduated)

• Academic Secondary Course
Bulacan College of Arts and Trade
Malolos, Bulacan Philippines
1986 until 1990 (Graduated)

• Primary and Intermediate Course
Barasoian Memorial Elementary School
Malolos Bulacan Philippines
1980 until 1986 (Graduated)

Special Training in Saudi German Hospital and JCI Accredited (Joint Commission International) January 27, 2010
• Infection Control Orientation & (Infection Control Member in OR Department)
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen
• Quality Improvement Orientation
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen
• Hospital General Orientation
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen
• Facility Management
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen
• Fire & Safety Orientation
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen
• Basic Life Support (BLS)
Saudi German Hospital Group
Sana’a Rep. of Yemen

Personal Information:

Place of birth: Malolos Bulacan
Civil Status: Married
Citizenship: Filipino
Sex: Male
Religion: Catholic
Weight: 75 Kg
Height: 5 ft. and 6 inch
Wife Name: Shiela Tayo
Number of children: Two

• Dr. Abdulkareem Ghasem Zeid
Saudi German Hospital Sana’a – Group
Contact (+967) 711487066 / 771220710
• Dr. Abdullah Darie
Saudi German Hospital Sana’a – Group
Chief Medical Officer
Contact (+967) 734200011
• Dra. Helen Valenzuela
Al-Thawra Modern German Hospital
Chief Anesthesiologist
Contact (+967) 711181259

I declare under penalties of perjury that the information given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Joji T. Trinidad